About us

Southern Paddle Company was founded by two sisters,

Barbara Brown aka Lil Sis and Lauren Greenwood aka Big Sis

Barbara Brown aka Lil Sis

My passion for paddling began almost a decade ago when I was living in Charleston, South Carolina.  I have since moved to Lexington, South Carolina, where you can find me paddling on Lake Murray as well as coaching the Special Olympics SUP team.  I love racing in SUP competitions and my love for the sport sparked the idea for a paddle lifestyle clothing company. My background is in business and accounting so I didn’t know where to start with the design part.  

I have upgraded my board since this photo was taken!


Lauren Greenwood aka Big Sis

This is where I come in.  I will be honest, I don’t SUP, I prefer to wakeboard and swim/bike/run.  But I do have a background in apparel design and manufacturing, having spent my career in children’s apparel. So when Barb asked me if I was interested in doing SUP apparel I said, count me in. 

Passion for fashion since the day I was born. 

Why the name Southern Paddle Company?

In honor of our father we named the company Southern Paddle Company aka SPC a tribute to our late father’s company, Southern Provisions Company, a meat processing plant based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Before our dad passed away he would always attend our competitions, he was always our biggest cheerleader.  At any sporting event that we participated in our dad loved to buy t-shirts for everyone in the family, but he could never find any at the SUP competitions.  How could he represent his youngest daughter’s badassness if there were no t-shirts? This void in the market sparked our idea to start our own line of SUP specific apparel.  We hope that you enjoy wearing our apparel on and off the water!